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I just posted my Enchilada Sauce recipe, so I thought I might as well record my Enchilada recipe. The whole combo is great. I created this just on the go, but it has worked out great and it is lower calorie, or at least can be, low calorie. Some people use white tortillas for their […]

Enchilada Sauce

Well, I used to be extremely intimidated by making enchiladas. I remember the first time I made it my freshman year of college. I found a packet of seasonings for enchiladas, got the ingredients on the back of the packet and then it took me *h  o  u  r  s* to make it. End result. […]

Lolita’s Tacos: Taco Meat

So once upon a time, a lady from my church was from Mexico. She gave the people in our ward her recipe for taco meat. Ever since, our family has used her recipe, and ever since, I have been in love with it! You can use it with anything mexican- tostada’s, tacos, burritos, nachos, taco […]

The Gale Nostada!

The basic idea is…. you make a tostada, with a nacho/corn chip base (because we don’t have tostada’s). Thus, the Nostada was born. mmmm…. it was so tasty. Honestly, we just threw stuff together in what looked like the right proportions to us. Here is a recipe for those who would like one, however keep […]