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Barbeque Pizza + Dough Recipe

This is fair warning: you may become completely addicted to this BBQ pizza. Not kidding. The first time our family tried it, we made it 3 times in about 1 week. That good. That fast. That simple. Ok, let’s get going, so you have time to get to the grill and get some pizza in […]

Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Does anyone else have zucchini coming out their ears?? Our garden just exploded with squash. As a result, zucchini is what we are having for the next few weeks. This week I tried a chocolate zucchini bread recipe. I had never had it, but was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Very moist, delicious, and definitely […]

Golden Sweet Cornbread

This is our favorite cornbread recipe. No questions asked. Whenever I tell Sam that I either am thinking about making it or am making it, he lights up! In fact, he often volunteers to make it. It is not the healthiest recipe, but it is good. I’ve decided recently that if something is just good, […]

No-Fail Whole Wheat Bread (It’s Not Dense!)

My sister-in-law, Claira, shared this recipe with me and it is AMAZING. It is TOTALLY whole wheat and tastes wonderful. Also, as an extra bonus- it is easy & as the name- pretty much fail proof! Here is the link: No-Fail Whole Wheat Bread (It’s Not Dense!) Just made this, this afternoon & yet again… […]

Honey Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

Yet another MONK week recipe: We made pizza last night for the first Monk dinner (haha sorry it sounds so funny, but I decided that’s the easiest way to say what is going on. Explanation in the first blog post.) I went to make our regular pizza crust & realized that it had sugar in […]

Honey Whole Wheat Pancakes

Welcome to our recipe blog! I realized that I was posting tons of recipes on facebook, & so I might as well just have a recipe blog, where I’ll be able to organize the recipes that are keepers! So starting yesterday, Sam began the challenge of eating like a MONK.  Random… yes. School assignment for […]