Barbeque Pizza + Dough Recipe

This is fair warning: you may become completely addicted to this BBQ pizza. Not kidding. The first time our family tried it, we made it 3 times in about 1 week. That good. That fast. That simple.

Ok, let’s get going, so you have time to get to the grill and get some pizza in your tummy.

pizza on the grill

Why do I love this recipe?

This dough is ready within about 30 minutes. The cooking time on the grill is approximately 6 MINUTES. Yes, I said minutes. It is simple and really delicious. It reminds my husband and I of a famous, gourmet pizza restaurant close to us: Pizzeria 7Twelve. YUM. It is crusty, thin, and soft.


You have the option of doing personal size pizzas, due to the pizzas cooking so quickly. OR you can do bigger (10 in.) pizzas. The flexibility that comes with this recipe is amazing.


you don’t have to heat up the house.



The recipe is from The KitchnHERE is the overall tutorial for how to cook pizza on the grill.

HERE is the recipe for the pizza dough on the grill. Pizza-on-Veg-7382


Doesn’t it look delicious???


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