Enchilada Sauce

Well, I used to be extremely intimidated by making enchiladas. I remember the first time I made it my freshman year of college. I found a packet of seasonings for enchiladas, got the ingredients on the back of the packet and then it took me *h  o  u  r  s* to make it.
End result. I didn’t make them for a while after because I didn’t have the time to make it and it was exhausting…
Then I came across this enchilada recipe during the summer. With a little more cooking experience under my belt, I decided to try it! I didn’t really like the enchiladas themselves, but MAN, I loved the sauce. It had a nice heat to it, but not too much- Just enough to remind me that I was eating Mexican food. But, then it just had an all around great flavor!
This sauce is made by using a Roux. Although the name looks all french and fancy, it really is simple. A roux is a thickening agent. You make a roux by using equal parts oil and butter. Then add a liquid at the end. You let it simmer for a while & Viola! You have a thickened soup. Congratulations 🙂
So, I will share with you this dynamite enchilada sauce recipe, that I haven’t stopped using ever since I found it, and I may make it multiple times a month, and I don’t really plan on ever using a different one.
It is THAT good.
I follow this recipe exactly. Here is the link for THE Enchilada Sauce 🙂

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