Lentil Soup with Sweet Potatoes & Spinach

Lentil Soup with Sweet Potatoes & Spinach

mmm… today was a cold, overcast day. I decided that I wanted to make something full of warmth, vegetables, and fall flavors.
Lentils hit.the.spot.
I have never cooked lentils before, but my sister-in-law loves them & makes them often. She said they were very easy, so I thought I would give them a shot.
They turned out SO good.
it was super easy.
I loved this recipe, because it resembles the simplicity of a crock pot meal, but keeps the quick cooking time of a soup cooked on the stove. To me, that is perfect, because I don’t often decide what I’m making for dinner 5-7 hrs in advance. But, I also don’t want to be making something complex in front of the stove for an hour. This was a winner. You only need to be at the stove for about 5-10 minutes, and then you just let it slowly boil for 40 min.
You can see the original recipe here.
I only changed 2 things:
1)I exchanged Rosemary for ground Sage. The only reason for doing this was that Parker was crying like crazy and I couldn’t find the rosemary. I knew sage was relatively similar, so I threw that in instead. I imagine the rosemary would have been great too, but the soup with sage was delicious.
2) I put the spinach on the side and let people add it to their lentils if they wanted to. Reason for doing this: I love adding in as many vegetables as I can to a dish, however, not everyone that I cook for has the same feelings. Also, I love fresh spinach. Spinach that is overcooked and limp, loses its appeal to me. And when you just add it in at the end, spinach softens so fast, that even just being in the bowl with warm lentils, softens them up nicely. Putting the spinach on the side accomplished both of these well.
In the end, I just loved the whole flavor of this soup. I loved that it was SO simple- the ingredients as well as the technique.
I served this soup alongside our family’s favorite fresh homemade wheat bread. (to.die.for).
The recipe for the bread is here.
*Serving suggestion for Soup: a dollop of cottage cheese on the side.

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